What Authors Should Write about U.S. Government Health Programs

Programs are created to help sustain and the necessity for health care services in the United States. Government as well as private sectors provides certain beneficial programs to assist the needs to people when it comes to health. U.S. government offers health programs beneficial to certain people. One of which is the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHB), a system of “managed competition” through which employee health benefits are provided to civilian government employees and annuitants of the United States government. The FEHB program allows some insurance companies, employee associations, and labor unions to market health insurance plans to governmental employees. This program is administered by the United States Office of Personnel Management.

The Indian Health Service is also a government health program formed in 1995 which is responsible for providing medical and public health services to member s of federally recognized Tribes and Alaska natives.  This is the chief federal health care provider and health advocate for Indian people with its goal to increase their health status to the next level. Another Government health program is the Veterans Health Administration formed in 1778; it is the component of the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) that implements the medical assistance program of the VA through administration and operation of VA Medical Centers, Outpatient Clinics, Community Based Outpatient Clinics and VA Community Living Centers Programs. There is also a program provided for the military personnel especially the retired ones and their dependents, this program is called Military Health System, enterprise within the United States Department of Defense. It provides health support for the full range of military operations and sustain health to all entrusted to Military Health System care. There is also a national social insurance; the Medicare and Medicaid which is administered by the federal government. Medicare provides health insurance for ages 65 and older while Medicaid is provided for families with low income and limited resources. There is also a health program for children that provide matching funds to states for health insurance to families with children this program covers uninsured children in families with incomes that are modest but too high to qualify. This program is known as the State Children’s Health Insurance Program. One more program is known as the Program of All-inclusive Care for the Elderly (PACE), which provides comprehensive health services for individuals age 55 and older who are sufficiently weak to be categorized as “nursing home eligible” by their states Medicaid program.

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- September 22, 2014